Ginseng Ficus Bonsai Plant With Pot

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Ginseng Ficus Bonsai Plant

  • About The Ficus Bonsai Plant : Ginseng Ficus as a bonsai gives the effect of a small tree standing on legs. Ficus Bonsai grows oval-shaped, dark green leaves. Trunk of Ginseng Ficus is thick and bulbous, reddish gray, and has tiger-like stripes. The leaves grow densely, giving you a thick canopy.
  • Placing Of Ficus Bonsai Plant : Your little Ginseng Ficus will grow well indoors with warmth and light, but it also appreciates trips outside. Place them semi-indoors in open place with good sunlight.
  • Benefits of Ficus Bonsai Plant : Bonsai is a thoughtful gift for meaningful occasions. The gift of bonsai is a gentle reminder of love and care, that all things will grow strong and resilient. Also, they have the ability to purify air by absorbing indoor pollutants. Its presence can positively affect everything from stress levels, to productivity, to human attitude.
  • Watering Schedule For Ficus Bonsai Plant: Ginseng Ficus will tolerate some over or underwatering, but aim to keep soil moderately moist throughout the summer and back off a little in the winter.
  • Plant height without the pot is 6-9 inches; Pot Specification – 6 inches Fibre Pot; Quantity – 1.
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Ficus Bonsai Plant

Ficus Bonsail rount pot plant

Light & Temperature

Your Ficus Bonsai Plant will need a good amount of light. Indoors, placing it on a windowsill is a good idea. If this is not available, plant lights can aid in growing your Ginseng Ficus. If you take your tree outdoors during the summer, plan to place it in a spot that gets plenty of sun. The Bonsai will not tolerate shade at all.

Ficus bonsai Indoor Live Plants


Water your Ginseng Ficus Bonsai Plant thoroughly whenever the soil gets slightly dry. Misting the plant daily is a good idea, but do not water to the point where the Bonsai is dripping, or else fungal issues can occur. If your plant is in an especially warm environment more frequent watering will be needed.

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Ginseng Ficus Bonsai Plant do well in a soil mix that is sixty percent aggregate and forty percent organic matter. Bonsai draw on very little soil, so it is necessary to replenish their nutrients occasionally. Any multi-purpose liquid fertilizer available at your friendly local nursery or garden centre should be adequate. For Bonsai, dilute the mixture by fifty percent with water before applying monthly.

Ginseng Ficus Bonsai Plant With Pot

Repotting Ginseng Ficus


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Ancient Meaning & Symbolism

The art of bonsai dates back centuries. It’s a highly respected art form and a deeply symbolic, sacred practice with its integral elements of simplicity, harmony, and balance also reflected within many aspects of Japanese culture, and their way of life. Ficus Bonsai Plant is referred to as a “cheerful tree” because it is thought to enhance the moods of those who are nearby. This bonsai symbolizes unity, new beginnings, abundance, simplicity, and the harmony of nature. It is also believed that having a Ficus in the home will release positivity and understanding. Ficus Bonsai Plant is one of the most popular indoor bonsai because it is notoriously low maintenance. For this reason, it is popularly gifted and is considered one of the best beginner bonsai.


Plant Care Tips

  1. Dropping Leaves: It could be because they are being overwatered or there isn’t enough moisture in the air. They may not be getting enough light or they could be in a drafty spot. You really need to assess your personal situation because everyone’s homes are different. It may take some time but you’ll find the perfect place to keep your bonsai.
  2. Fungal Issues: If you overwater your Ficus ginseng, you may end up with fungus. Move your infected plant away from the rest of your collection. Remove the tree from its pot. Check to see if there is root rot that is causing the fungus. Repot your tree into a clean pot with new bonsai soil. You can spray your plant with fungicide to kill any fungus that is left over.
  3. Yellowed or wilting leaves: The most common cause is over-watering, but it can also come from some diseases, under-watering, or overexposure to sunlight.
  4. Visible spots on leaves: The appearance of spots – usually red, brown, or black – on your tree’s leaves almost always means a fungal infection. This should be treated ASAP! Any affected leaves must be pruned, and it’s a good idea to treat your tree with an anti-fungal medication from a gardening store.
Ginseng Ficus Bonsai Plant

Our Favourable Aspects

Potting Mixture: It’s a mixture of appropriate amounts of soil, cocopeat & organic vermicompost. Provides best environment to the plant’s roots. It also contains slow-release Fertilizer which gives nutrients to the plants every time it is watered for 6 months.

· Packaging: Plant is secured in a good quality cardboard packaging. Inner Box holds the potted plant in place so that any movement during transit does not affect the plant. Outer box has slits which allow the plant to breathe freely during transit.

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