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Choose Your Plants

We’ll guide you through choosing the perfect employee plant gifts to fit your needs – whether its thanking clients, adding joy to your employees workspace, or for a special event or venue.
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Personalize It

Make your business plant gifts even more meaningful by adding a logo, a special note or custom design. We take the utmost pride in creating delight for our clients and the new plant parents (your giftees).
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Shipped with care

Our white-glove service ensures that your corporate plants arrive happy and on-time. We’ll work closely with you to make sure your business plang gifts have a great trip to their destination. P.S. The unboxing is the best part!

Plants Love a Personal Touch

We love adding a personal touch to your gifts, if you can dream it, we’ll make it happen.

Engrave Your Logo

Put your company’s logo directly on the pot. Whether it’s engraving your logo or adding a decal, we’ve got you covered.

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Brand Your Plantcessories

Choose a branded plant stick as a nice way to let your giftees know you care. It’s also an amazing way to show your branding on your client plant gifts.

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Personal Message Cards

Personalize your corporate plant gifts even further with one of our message cards, included in every plant kit. Or, design your own card and we’ll include it for you. Either way, your giftees will love that personalized touch.

Plants for Gifting


set of 3 good luck plants 2


If you are constantly looking for creative ways to impress your loved ones, then your search ends here. The most eco-friendly gift, good luck plants online is catching up. According to Feng Shui, the good luck plants contribute to the positive energy, balance all the five elements, and bring luck. When placed in the right spot and directions, these plants are known to bring several benefits. The good luck plants make perfect gifts for several special occasions, like birthday, anniversary, housewarming occasion, New Year, etc.

Syngonium White Plant

Syngonium Cream Allusion

Syngonium has creamy white and green foliage that combines with the arrowhead shaped foliage to create an illusion of butter

Jade Plant

Elephant Bush Jade Plant

With their thick, woody stems and oval-shaped leaves, jade plants have a miniature, tree like appearance that makes them very appealing for use as a decorative houseplant.

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Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboos are just the right tropical feng shui plant for you. Lucky bamboo symbolize happy life making it a perfect gift for any occasion.

Money Plant NJoy Epipremnum Aureum Marble Prince 1 1

Money Plant Marble Prince

Money Plant Marble Prince has large, glossy, green heartshaped leaves with cream and white variegation that can brighten any indoor space.

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NASA’s Clean Air Study has suggested that choosing the right air purifying plants for your home can help detoxify the air in your living spaces, meaning your houseplants not only look lovely but work a little harder to clean the air you breathe in. Air purifying plants can detoxify your home from the airborne toxins, dusts and germs that can be found in a variety of household products,
materials and furniture

areca palm plant


If you're looking to add a tropical vibe to your home, nothing beats Areca Palm plant. They're widely available, easy to grow, and their lush foliage even helps remove toxins from the air.

Air Purifying Peace Lilly Spathiphyllum 1 1


With the striking contrast of the dark green foliage and the creamy white flowers held high on stiff stems it holds its own well and looks attractive in all types of homes and design schemes.

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Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

Tough-as-nails Chinese evergreen, is an easy-to-grow houseplant that tolerates virtually all indoor growing conditions. (Beginners: This one's for you!)

Snake Plant Variegated

Mother-In-Law's Tongue Snake Plant

Ever wonder why you never see artificial snake plants? It’s because you don’t need artificial versions. The real thing is pretty much unkillable and survives in almost any growing condition.

Combo 1


Given that whole “we’re living through a pandemic” thing, it’s safe to say we can all use a little extra good fortune right now. Maybe you say “rabbit, rabbit” on the first of the month for good karma, or maybe you have a lucky recipe up your sleeve. Well, it turns out there’s an even easier way to dial up the prosperity vibes while also upleveling your home’s aesthetic: bring wealth & prosperity related plants into your home.

Rubber Plant

Ficus Elastica Rubber Plant

Native of Asia—specifically India, Malaysia, and Java—rubber plants have rounded leaves that are known to symbolize abundance, happiness, and wealth.

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Pachira Money Tree Bonsai

With its braided trunk and lush leaves, the money tree is and is believed to bring positive energy, wealth & prosperity.

Money Plant Golden

Golden Pothos Money Plant

Money Plant is the most beloved plant for every home. It has large, glossy, green and yellow heart-shaped leaves with speckles of cream or white markings which can brighten any indoor space.

Ficus Bonsai Plant

Ginseng Ficus Bonsai

"Ginseng" varieties have fat trunks, with substantial exposed roots. If you receive a bonsai-type plant as a gift, fortune is believed to doubly smile on the gift receiver.

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Exotic Ornamental Plants

A fondness of decorating our abode is a desire that pleases not just our creative side but satisfies us spiritually too. We all want our space to reflect the best of us and what better way than to add beautiful ornamental plants to compliment your space. Plants can accessorise your home in ways you cannot imagine. And, the best part is you do not even need to be an expert to understand these ornamental plants. All you need is a plant and a decorating space, and voila! You are an interior decorator.

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Echeveria Succulents

The trendiest home décor in recent times, succulents pack a punch as far as plants go - they are unbelievably beautiful & are extremely hardy and low maintenance.

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Croton Petra

A bright burst of color on deep green leaves, the Croton Petra is a popular indoor plant as easy to care for as it is to love.

ZZ Plant

ZZ Raven Plant

Raven ZZ plant really lives up to its cool name with its purple-black shiny leaves which makes them the trendiest & popular houseplants.

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Kalanchoe Flowering Plant

Kalanchoes are succulent plants often grown for their tiny, colourful flowers in shades of red, magenta, yellow, orange and white.

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