Asparagus Aprengeri Plant with Self Watering Pot

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About Asparagus Aprengeri Plant

  • Perfect for all container types, including window boxes, hanging baskets, and mixing planters.
  • It requires indirect light indoors and part sun for outdoors.
  • Watering should be done on every alternate day. Asparagus Aprengeri Plant requires moist soil.
  • The plant will need weekly fertilization during summer; otherwise, feed monthly.

Packet Contains : Asparagus Aprengeri Plant densiflorus – Live Plant/fern with pot. Asparagus Aprengeri Plant is evergreen perennial plant in Liliaceae family. It is a round herbaceous and used in the landscape for its attractive fine-textured foliage. The structures that most refer to as leaves are actually leaf-like branchlets called cladophylls. The stems of this plant emerge directly from the ground and become woody and spiny. Asparagus Aprengeri Plant densiflorus Sprengeri | Asparagus Aprengeri Plant  is an ornamental, perennial herb plant. It has dark green, needle-like leaves and is densely arranged along stems that resemble fern fronds. The bushy, foxtail-like stems gracefully arch backward and are up to 1 m long. They have small spines along the stem which are much smaller than other Asparagus Aprengeri Plant species. Mature plants will blossom in summer with small, white-to-pale pink flowers, sometimes followed by clusters of green berries that turn red in the winter. Each berry contains 1 black seed. These berries are poisonous if eaten. It has a cascading habit that makes it perfect for a hanging basket.

Asparagus Meyeri Foxtail Fern Round Pot 11zon 1



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