Swim in the green

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3 Small and 2 Medium plants every month for three month

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About the Swim in the green

Our tier 2 model is for plant lovers who are looking to expand their plant skills and collections. It is to convert you from an occasional gardener to a plant whisperer. The plants are curated to fill your space with greenery and to make you the talk of the town, or your neighbourhood at least.

What you get:

1. You get a carefully curated plant bundle of five plants every month for three months. It comprises three small and two medium sized plants.

2. The bundle is a good mix of air purifying and easy-to-care for indoor plants with stunning foliage that add an oomph to your space.

3. Exclusive plant care cards to help you every step of of the way.

4. Healthy premium quality plants in self watering planters and rich organic potting mix.

Weight4 kg
Dimensions34 × 34 × 51 cm


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