Spider Plant With Pot ( Pack Of 2 )

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About Spider Plant With Pot

  • About The SPider Plant: Chlorophytum comosum, usually called spider plant due to its spider like look, but also known as spider ivy, ribbon plant. Spider plants are among the easiest houseplants to grow, making them a great choice for beginners or forgetful owners.
  • Placing Of Plant: Outdoors, spider plants prefer to grow in light shade. They can tolerate heavy shade, but their growth won’t be as robust. Direct sunlight can scorch the leaves. Indoors, a bright window or patio door that gets indirect sun is ideal..
  • Benefits: NASA Recommended Air Purifying Plant as it is known to purify the air by absorbing Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde & other toxic chemicals.
  • Watering Schedule: Don’t water your spider plant on a schedule. Rather, water your plant when the top of soil is just dry to the touch. Soil must never be allowed to dry out completely.
  • Plant height without the pot is 3-5 inches; Pot Specification – 4 inches Fibre Pot; Quantity – 1.
  • Pot is self- watering where excess water gets stored in the reservoir below, the roots then absorbs water via capillary action and the plants get water as and when required, allowing you to water less frequently. Making it perfect plant for office desk
Spider Plant

Spider plant - Chlorophytum Comosum

Spider indoor Live Plant

Light & Temperature

Outdoors, spider plants prefer to grow in light shade. They can tolerate heavy shade, but their growth won't be as robust. Direct sunlight can scorch the leaves. Indoors, a bright window or patio door that gets indirect sun is ideal. Warm, humid conditions are ideal for spider plants. They don’t like temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This means they should be protected from drafts and air-conditioning vents when grown indoors. Moreover, the leaf tips can brown if the humidity is too low. Regular misting of the plant can help to maintain adequate humidity.

spider plant with round pot


Spider plants like lightly moist but not soggy soil. Overwatering can cause root rot and ultimately kill the plant. These plants are sensitive to fluoride and chlorine in water, which can brown the leaf tips. So, if possible, use rainwater or distilled water for container plants. The fleshy tubers retain moisture well, so inconsistent watering, while not ideal, won't harm spider plants too much.

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Spider plants can grow in a variety of soil types, but they favour loose, loamy soil with sharp drainage. These plants like a moderate amount of feeding, roughly once a month during the active growing seasons of spring and summer. Too much fertilizer can cause brown leaf tips, but too little fertilizer will result in weak growth. Use an all-purpose granular or water-soluble fertilizer during the growing season, following label instructions. Adjust the amount if necessary, depending on your plant's growth.

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Repotting Spider Plant

Plant Care Tips

  1. Pruning: Remove dead or browning leaves as they appear. If a plant is becoming too leggy and sparse, remove the plantlet shoots to redirect energy to the main plant.
  2. No blooms? Spider plants like to be slightly root-bound and will flower and produce plantlets best when grown in a smallish container. Also, take it easy on the fertilizer — too much will produce a lot of leaves, but no flowers and plantlets.
  3. Brown leaf tips seen on this plant may be a symptom of hot, dry air or dry soil. Or may be caused by fluoride, often present in tap water. Use distilled water, rainwater, or allow tap water to sit overnight so that the chemicals in the water will dissipate. Snip off brown leaf tips with scissors, if you want, to keep the plant looking neat.
  4. Something bugging your plant? Watch for scale insects. These tiny pests look like brown discs that attach themselves to the leaves and stems. They can be scraped off the leaves. Isolate an infested houseplant to prevent them from moving on to your other indoor plants.
Spider Plant with pot

Our Favourable Aspects

Potting Mixture: It’s a mixture of appropriate amounts of soil, cocopeat & organic vermicompost. Provides best environment to the plant’s roots. It also contains slow-release Fertilizer which gives nutrients to the plants every time it is watered for 6 months.

· Packaging: Plant is secured in a good quality cardboard packaging. Inner Box holds the potted plant in place so that any movement during transit does not affect the plant. Outer box has slits which allow the plant to breathe freely during transit.

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