Combo of 4 Indoor Live Plants for Home

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  • Package contains 4 Indoor Air-Purifying Plants in white self-watering pot. Each plant is carefully grown and packed in sturdy packaging that can survive transit shocks. The self-watering pots help you with the watering schedule of the plants and the potting mix is loaded with nutrients that can nourish your plants for 6 months
  • Syngonium White Butterfly Plant is a collection of soft feathery foliage in creamy white with variations of delicate green. The arrow-shaped leaves make the plant look like a cluster of butterflies. The plants are easy to care for and do well in dry-warm climates, both indoor and outdoor and look stunning on shady patios and balconies
  • Syngonium Pink Neon Robusta is simply one of the most beautiful houseplant, with dusky pink leaves that add stylish colour to any room. It’s very easy to care for as a houseplant. If you give it a nice bright spot, away from direct sun, it can grow pretty quickly. You can either let it trail – it would look amazing on a high bedroom shelf – or trim it back to keep it compact. It will be very happy either way
  • Syngonium ‘Pixie’ is a dwarf variety that grows about 6”-8” tall. Its short stature creates a mini specimen that looks adorable in a terrarium or fairy garden. The 1”-2” leaves have whitish-light green centres with dark green along the leaf edges
  • Syngonium Golden Allusion adds instant style to your home. It is known for butterfly- or heart-shaped leaves with mottled waves of golden yellow and slight reddish-pink veining. This easy-care arrowhead plant is a favourite for busy owners because it tolerates forgotten watering

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