Aglaonema Valentine with Red Self-Watering Pot

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  • About The Plant: Aglaonema Valentine is a stunning indoor plant that features striking pink foliage that is sure to add a pop of colour to any room. The intense pink coloration of the leaves gives the plant a fierce and bold appearance
  • Placing Of Plant: Aglaonema don’t prefer direct sunlight. They are adaptable to low or artificial light, human livable temperature range and low humidity at ease. Keep away from the AC vents
  • Benefits: NASA Recommended Air Purifying Plant as it helps efficiently removes indoor pollutants. Also, Aglaonemas are considered as a good fortune bringer houseplant
  • Watering Schedule: Watering requirement for the plant is generally twice a week. But it is ideal to water it whenever the top layer of the soil feels dry
  • Plant height without the pot is 5-8 inches; Pot Specification – 4 inches Red Self Watering Pot; Quantity – 1
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