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Song Of India Plant (Dracaena Reflexa Plant) With Self Watering Pot ( Pack Of 4 )

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Song of India Plant (Dracaena Reflexa Plant)

  • Healthy Live Plant in Polybag ( Image is for Representation only : Healthy plant in Polybag will be delivered)
  • To get the genuine species, from us
  • NASA places this plant among the top 3 houseplants which is great for removing formaldhyde and carbon monoxide and increasing general indoor air quality
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Song of india plants are fairly easy to care for and grow and can withstand a certain amount of neglect, but not as much as other dracaena plants. The song of india does need it’s bright light and quite high humidity levels to thrive. The worst two things a grower can do is over water or allow the temperatures to drop very low.

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Dimensions34 × 17 × 17 cm

11 reviews for Song Of India Plant (Dracaena Reflexa Plant) With Self Watering Pot ( Pack Of 4 )

  1. Johathan (verified owner)

  2. Arielle (verified owner)

    Excellent plant, container and packaging

  3. Gerardo (verified owner)

    Very nice packing, even after 5 days plants are alive really appreciated. Plant size is great. Thanks a lot for this.

  4. Abbie (verified owner)

    Really well packing and overall my office table looking awesome now

  5. Jabari (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved the packaging and plant itself was fresh and right size

  6. Marty (verified owner)

    Very good plant. received in very good condition. Very carefully packed. Can’t express my happiness when i opened packet and saw a healthy plant. Growing well so far. will update further condition.

  7. Edmond (verified owner)

    This plant arrived today, 2 days in a box with Delhi at 43*C. Amazed that it survived in a cramped box and totally dry soil. Not a single damaged leaf !!!!!

  8. Brannon (verified owner)

  9. Johanna (verified owner)

    Received a beautiful and healthy plant, sturdy packaging. This is my second purchase from Plant A Leaf and i am very happy with The Plant, just go for it!

  10. Russ (verified owner)

    The packing was done wdh care. I haven’t expected tat the delivery of live plant is as fresh. Absolutely happy. Thank u Plant A Leaf

  11. Catherine (verified owner)

    First time I ordered live plant on online, it’s a wonderful experience , amazing Packing n plant was good condition I’m so happy thank you so much

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