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How To Take Care Of Syngonium White Plant

How To Take Care Of Syngonium White Plant

An elegant plant with creamy white foliage enhanced by hues of green, the White Butterfly Syngonium plant is a true beauty. 

Its arrowhead-shaped leaves create a unique illusion of butterfly wings. The plant’s subtle color forms the perfect accent for any décor. 

Botanically known as Syngonium Podophyllum, it is easy to care for and grows considerably well in indoor conditions. The plant adds a relaxed and sophisticated feel to any area you place it in. 

Even outdoors, it looks beautiful growing in a shaded porch, deck, or patio. The White Butterfly plant also looks beautiful, cascading from a fancy hanging basket. 

The plant originates from Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, and Ecuador. It is from the Araceae family and is semi-tropical. 

With a moderate to fast growth rate, it develops mottled foliage that becomes whiter and sharper as it matures. 

For an easy-care guide, keep on reading ahead. 

Watering your Syngonium

Syngoniums require watering on a fairly regularly basis, typically every few days in the summer months. I allow mine to almost dry out between waterings so as to ensure that the plant does not end up suffering from root rot. In order to maintain great looking foliage, you’ll also want to mist off or hose down the leaves every week or so in the growth season, and a little less during the winter.

Best soil conditions for your Syngonium Podophyllum

A well-draining soil which is made for houseplants is recommended for the syngonium. Avoid soils which are general purpose or made for growing vegetables. Since the Syngonium Podophyllum is a climbing plant, as your plant grows, you may well consider adding a moss pole and using little ties to aid your plant in climbing up the pole.

Alternatively, you can also allow your plant to trail over the side of its pot, allowing for a beautiful trailing plant. Typically, leaves will grow bigger if the plant is allowed to grow upwards instead of in a trailing manner. As always, be sure to pot your plant into a container with a drainage hole at the bottom. The white butterfly plant typically requires repotting every two years or so.

Best light conditions for your White Butterfly Syngonium

Like many aroids, the white butterfly doesn’t enjoy light conditions which are too bright, and so a south Facing windowsill would be less than ideal for optimum growth. Avoid bright, direct light for the best possible growing conditions. Instead, medium light is best and so a little way away from a South facing window or close to a North facing window would be ideal.

How to propagate (Syngonium Podophyllum)

Just like with something such as a monstera deliciosa or the silver sword philodendron, one of the easiest ways to propagate the Syngonium is to take a cutting of the plant which contains an aerial node. Simply place the cutting into clean/ fresh water and change the water every week or so. When the cutting has rooted in water and the roots are a few inches long, you can pot your cutting into soil.

Syngonium White Plant With Self Watering Pot

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Quick Tips for Growing White Butterfly Syngonium Plant

  • While planting outdoors is fine, growing the plant indoors results in healthier growth. 
  • Plant in containers that drain freely and are well-aerated. 
  • For a compact and full arrow-headed plant, prune the foliage to maintain its original form.
  • Preferably, propagate the cuttings in water for faster root growth.
  • Isolate diseased plants immediately and begin treatment.



The White Butterfly Syngonium plant is a beautiful climbing species that hails from Brazil and Mexico. Its unique arrow-head like foliage and yellow/whitish blooms have earned it great popularity. 

It thrives in bright, dappled sunlight, weekly watering, and monthly feeding. It is an attractive plant; however, it is poisonous, so it should not be consumed.


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