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areca palm benefits

Areca Palm Benefits

10+ Areca Palm Benefits 

We all enjoy a touch of the tropical in our lives. Indoor plants have been around for a long time but sometimes a little touch of outdoors in the house adds a zing to your room in the best possible manner. But how do we do this?  Well, we can start with one of the basic forms of palms that can be brought into the house with ease, the Areca Palms!


What are we getting into ?

The Areca Palm goes by many names, including golden cane palm, yellow palm & butterfly palm. The plant also goes by the scientific name of Dypsis lutescens. This plant, native to Madagascar, has become quite famous for adding a special vibe to your home.

Though palm trees are available only in a limited outdoor range, once you look for them, you will start noticing areca palms in interiors everywhere, from offices to shopping malls.

They are easy to grow and their lush greenery even helps remove some toxins from the air. Also for all those pet lovers out there, these beauties are non-toxic to both dogs and cats.

The plant can thrive at home at temperatures between 16°C to 24°C but sudden, swift temperature changes might harm the plant and can lead to brown spots on the leaves.

These plants also grow taller than a lot of other indoor plants. You can expect them to grow to a height of 6 to 10 feet.

Be careful with the amount of water the plant receives because overwatering and not draining the soil properly is the easiest way to kill this tropical beauty. Plant in well-draining potting soil, in a pot with drainage holes.

The areca palm is a relatively slow-growing indoor plant and would like to be somewhat root-bound, so it should only require repotting every two or three years.

10+ Areca Palm Benefits

 Like many other indoor plants, the lush green areca palm has benefits that are worth mentioning.

  1. Improves Air Humidity
    Do you know breathing dry air can cause eye itching, skin irritation, skin dryness, sore throat and tightness around the joints? It can also make you look older causing wrinkles and fine lines. And if you’re suffering from respiratory ailments like sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis–Dry air makes them worse.

    Those who use heaters and air conditioners face the issues of dry air but growing houseplants like areca palms in your home is one way to increase relative humidity around yourself.


  1. Easy to Look After
    Areca palm is a low maintenance plant and doesn’t mind occasional overwatering, unlike other houseplants. You can easily prune it to control the size. The only requirement is exposure to bright indirect light because it can’t grow in a dark spot


  1. Absorbs Indoor Air-Pollutants
    According to the NASA Clean Air Study, areca palm can help in the reduction of indoor pollution by breaking down compounds such as acetone, xylene, formaldehyde and toluene resulting in pollution-free air to breathe.


  1. Emits More Oxygen
    The plants with more surface area of leaves can produce more oxygen and areca palm is one such plant. We also added it to our list of indoor plants that produce oxygen. Two areca palms in 100 square feet area can increase the oxygen level indoors.


  1. Safe for Pets
    There are not many houseplants that are safe for kids and pets but according to ASPCA, the areca palm is not toxic to cats, dogs and horses.


  1. Helps in Decreasing Stress
    According to one study by the University of Vermont, plants like areca palm help in reducing anxiety by 37 percent, depression by 58 percent and fatigue by 38 percent, thereby increasing productivity and positivity.


  1. Beautifies the Interior
    The fine texture leaves of Areca Palm remain green all year round with minimal effort. It can bring beauty to your home by giving it a tropical touch. Also, the large fronds create a bold statement with huge, fan-like foliage.


  1. A Feng Shui Plant ( Areca Palm Benefits Vastu )
    If you believe in Feng Shui, the Areca palm plant is considered lucky. It brings wealth, peace and prosperity to the house, pushing out negative energy, and attracting positivity.
  2. Improves Memory, Attention Span and Smarts
    Spending time around plants has been shown to increase memory by up to 20%. Additionally, plants help lengthen your attention span while improving cognitive function and the ability to focus, and as a result, they (areca palms included) can make you smarter.
  3. Helps You Sleep at Night
    Everyone’s oxygen levels in their blood become lower at night. However, all of your body’s cells and systems need oxygen to function correctly. While many plants are not recommended for bedrooms because they release carbon dioxide at night, the areca palm uses a metabolic process called crassulacean acid metabolism to continue photosynthesis and the releasing of oxygen throughout the night. As a result, areca palm plants can increase the oxygen level in your bedroom at nighttime, helping you get healthier, more restful sleep.
  1. May Boost Your Productivity
    Be it your office, or in the current situation, work from home, the presence of living plants is known to boost your productivity. Studies show that employee productivity increased by 15% after indoor plants were introduced to an office.


It is true that plants were once, and still are, essential for human survival. Today, this connection can be observed by an overall reduction of stress and an increase in calmness and well-being.

Additionally, this has effects on an individual’s ability to concentrate and enables them to focus more on the task.



From everything that has been gathered in the points mentioned above, we can clearly understand that Areca palms have a wonderful utility that ranges from being an ornamental touch to a plant that helps battle allergies as well as helps improve your mental health.

So what are you waiting for? Get an Areca Palm for your home now!

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